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BeAt Digital Consult is an online media site that has expanded to accommodate the needs of readers and visitors as the online community has grown in size. The website has articles about marketing, company development, sports, entertainment, and news. Beat Digital Consult, a privately held Ghanaian business, is the owner.

The business also owns and oversees the BeAt Digital Consult Facebook Page, BeAt Digital Consult Twitter Account, and BeAt Digital Consult Instagram Account.

Ghanaians and other viewers from other countries, who now make up the bulk of the internet audience, have access to news items and information thanks to the news/business site. The website gives readers access to a radio station and a global social networking site. Ghanaians in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, South Africa, and many other nations have come to favor BeAt Digital as their favourite online retailer.

The website now receives daily traffic from unique users who are looking for reliable and in-depth information. When there is breaking news, there are even more watchers.

BeAt Digital Consult is supported by a number of relationships with advertising companies who place display adverts on our website.

BeAt Digital Consult completely conforms with Ghanaian corporate legislation, and effective accounting practices are in place. We similarly abide with Ghanaian legal requirements regarding data privacy.


On January 1, 2022, a young Ghanaian who saw the need to increase the marketing scope of startup and established enterprises and offer news to Ghanaians living abroad officially founded BeAt Digital Consult in Ghana.

It began as a business marketing consultancy firm before changing to become a news publishing platform.

The website included several advances, and as a result, it was adopted as the default template for all new Ghanaian news websites. It has developed to include online radio broadcasting content (BeAt Radio) that covers a wide range of subjects, such as interviews with newsmakers, public and private organizations, business enterprises, interesting political issues, figures in the entertainment and lifestyle industries, and voice pops on social and national issues of concern.

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