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Amber Heard files a notice of appeal against former husband

Amber Heard files a notice of appeal in the defamation action against Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard files a notice of appeal in the defamation action against Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard has officially filed a notice of intent to the Virginia Court of Appeal in order to appeal the defamation decision she lost to her ex-husband Johnny Depp. This follows her commitment to do so.

The two-paragraph statement, which USA TODAY was able to get, declares Heard’s intention to challenge the jury judgment from June 1 that gave Depp more than $10 million in damages after a lengthy, six-week trial in Fairfax County, Virginia.

She also plans to appeal Trial Judge Penney Azcarate’s decision to deny Heard’s post-trial request for the judgment to be set aside and a new trial to be ordered on July 13.

Heard’s legal team released a statement saying, “We feel the court made mistakes that prohibited a reasonable and fair decision consistent with the First Amendment.” “We are consequently appealing the verdict.

While we are aware that today’s filing will set Twitter ablaze, there are procedures we must follow to guarantee justice and fairness.

Heard was the subject of extreme social media disdain throughout the trial, which she and her attorneys attributed to Depp followers.

She and her attorneys failed in their effort to convince Judge Azcarate to overturn the conviction, but in TV appearances following the trial, they claimed the jury’s decision was affected by “biased” social media. However, they provided no supporting documentation for their claims.

Heard’s most recent legal action is not unexpected. Since the jury’s judgment was announced, she has vowed to challenge it. She has said that she cannot pay Depp the millions of dollars in damages, thus it is unclear how she would pay for the appeal. She must deposit a bond of $10.3 million plus 6 percent interest in accordance with Virginia court regulations while her appeal is underway.

In a statement, Depp’s legal team said that they are not shocked nor alarmed by Heard’s appeal.

The jury reached a clear and unanimity conclusion that the defendant repeatedly defamed Mr. Depp after hearing the substantial evidence that was provided during the six-week trial, according to a statement from the actor. “We continue to believe that our case will be upheld, and this judgment.”

Heard’s attorneys plan to submit a whole new appeal brief outlining certain “mistakes” Azcarate is said to have made during the trial or in motions filed after the verdict.

Richmond is home to the Virginia Court of Appeal; it is unclear whether the case will be heard by an appeal panel of justices.

When Heard wrote a letter for The Washington Post in December 2018 claiming to be a victim of domestic violence, the jury in the case last month decided resoundingly in Depp’s favor. Although Depp’s name was not included in the story, she had accused him of assaulting her during the divorce proceedings in 2016.

In 2019, Depp filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against her. She countersued for slander and asked for $100 million in damages.

Heard was given more than $10 million in damages after the jury found Heard guilty of defaming Depp. The jury also awarded Heard $2 million in damages for comments made at the time by Depp’s attorney that Heard’s accusations of abuse were “hoaxes.”

After the verdict, Heard’s legal team submitted a brief asserting that the decision was unfair, inconsistent, and “excessive,” citing a number of grounds, including the lack of “actual malice” evidence presented by Depp and the fact that Heard’s column was “true” and thus protected by the First Amendment.

In response, Depp’s brief said that Heard’s legal team had not adequately explained why the jury’s verdict should be overturned or the case should be retried, and that her arguments “verge into the absurd.”

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