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Arise Ghana’s picket at Revolution Square is restrained by the court

Arise Ghana's picket at Revolution Square is restrained by the court

Arise Ghana’s picket at Revolution Square is restrained by the court


After a High Court upheld a police-filed injunction prohibiting the picketing, pressure group Arise Ghana decided to cancel its planned three-day protest at Revolution Square.

The Ghana Police Service requested an injunction against the event on the grounds that the location constitutes a threat to national security. The organization had planned to picket from November 15 to November 17 at Revolution Square directly across from the Jubilee House.

The Police maintained that there were plausible reasons to believe that convening at Revolution Square would jeopardize public safety and infringe on other people’s rights and freedoms, according to assessments by the National Security and Police Security Intelligence.

Since then, the court has ruled in favor of the police, hence it has been requested that the group picket at Independence Square instead.

Arise Ghana insists on holding the picketing at Revolution Square, claiming that Independence Square does not fulfill the goals of the event.

Leading Arise Ghana member Bernard Mornah claimed that the police could not keep denying protestors access to the location where they planned to picket.

He continued by saying that the organization had instructed its attorneys to challenge the judge’s decision.

“We have no business at Independence Square because we didn’t ask President Akufo-Addo to remove Charles Adu Boahen, and we are not going there to be closer to the Ministry of Finance…our message we want to carry to the Presidency.

“In view of the fact that we don’t want our rights to be trampled upon, we won’t go to Independence Square, and we have instructed our lawyers consequently that they should file an appeal against the decision.”

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