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Attack on the party’s secretariat is condemned by the Northern Region NDC Council

Attack on the party's secretariat is condemned by the Northern Region NDC Council

Attack on the party’s secretariat is condemned by the Northern Region NDC Council


The National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) Northern Region Council of Elders has called for the Police to investigate the attack on the party’s regional office as a crime.

Some NDC youth vandalized the regional office of the party on August 23, 2022, in Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region.

They took action in opposition to a choice made to allow Mr. Ali Adolf, one of the party’s vice chairmen, to serve as Regional Chairman.

The regional secretariat was formed by individual contributions, according to the elders, therefore it is hard to understand why any group of people professing to be party loyal would decide to terrorize the office.

Speaking to the media in Tamale over the most recent violent assault on the party’s secretariat, Council Member Alhaji Umar Yussif stated the youth’s actions are seen as anti-party and are strongly condemned.

Alhaji Umar also requested that the National Executive Committee form a committee to look into the attacks and enable the proper party structures to take action in accordance with article 48 of the party constitution.

He emphasized once more that anyone found guilty should not be protected.

“The Regional Council of elders re-emphasised that anybody found culpable in this heinous attack should not be shielded and the lawful processes should be followed to deal with such persons. The Council urges that whoever in the party in the region is dissatisfied with any decision taken at any level should use the complaints and appeals procedures for redress,” the Council elder said.

He argued that party members should use the proper methods to file complaints rather than resorting to pointless violence, which deters voters from supporting the party.

According to Alhaji Umar, the group’s behavior does not really capture how the region’s rank and file generally feel.

“The Council wishes to use this opportunity to strongly indicate that the attack was the work of a few individuals and does not reflect the general feelings of the rank and file of the party in the region”.

He urged the party’s young to display the utmost moderation and maintain their composure while further discussions continue to find long-term solutions to the region’s current problems.

He said that Ali Adolf will serve as the acting regional chairman until the party’s upcoming elections, as decided by the functional executive committee.

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