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Boy, age 5, “accidently shoots and kills sibling, age 8

Boy, age 5, "accidently shoots and kills sibling, age 8

Boy, age 5, “accidently shoots and kills sibling, age 8

In what is thought to have been an accident, a five-year-old youngster is accused of shooting and killing his older brother, who was eight.
According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, many kids were at a house with their mother when a gunshot was fired on Thursday afternoon.

Around 2.30 p.m., deputies went to a 911 call on the 2700 block of Shannon Valley Road in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and discovered an eight-year-old kid inside the house who was not breathing.

The infant was declared deceased at the scene by a county coroner.

Numerous weapons were found in the house by the authorities. Investigators and prosecutors investigated to see whether negligence was a role and if the youngsters had access to the firearms.

How well-protected were the weapons? Lafayette Woods, sheriff of Jefferson County, spoke with KARK4 News.

How did a five-year-old manage to obtain the weapon in his hand, shoot it, and fire off it if it is alleged that the guns were secure?

According to Woods, the incident is being looked at as an accident.

“This unfortunate occurrence might have been prevented.” I can’t stress this enough: weapons must always be securely stored, out of reach of people, and out of the reach of kids.

If gun owners don’t properly lock their weapons, “one of these catastrophes might happen in their house in just a split second.”

While deputies performed the continuing investigation, family members could be seen outside the house.

The state criminal lab has received the boy’s corpse for an autopsy.

The Department of Human Services was notified of the shooting in accordance with state policy, and caseworkers assessed the wellbeing of the other kids in the house.

The agents took the five-year-old kid and his four other siblings, and they will now be in the care of their aunt, according to Woods, who spoke to The Commercial.

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