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Akufo-Addo indulges the criminal NDA syndicate – Martin Kpebu

Due of his unwillingness to bring charges, Akufo-Addo indulges the criminal NDA syndicate – Martin Kpebu

Due of his unwillingness to bring charges, Akufo-Addo indulges the criminal NDA syndicate – Martin Kpebu

Martin Kpebu, a private attorney, claims that President Akufo-Addo is implicated in corruption and associated actions that have been brought to light throughout his administration.

He claims that an ongoing problem at the Northern Development Authority (NDA) involving some purported signature forging in a case involving ten million rupees has gone unaddressed.

“I believe that the President hasn’t heard it yet; maybe we need to repeat it louder for him to hear that he is a member of the criminal organizations at Jubilee House—the President is definitely a member.

In an interview with JoyNews’ Newsfile, he said that “the President’s participation is necessary for all these corruptions to occur.”

He said that this is one of several corruption issues that the President has been presented with but has chosen to ignore.

The disgruntled attorney said that despite his pledges, President Akufo-Addo had failed “abysmally” in his efforts to combat bribery and corruption inside his own administration.

This is in response to a study that the Ghana Statistical Service and the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice performed that revealed that around 5 billion Ghana cedis were given in cash as bribes to public employees last year.

In contrast to earlier studies’ perceptions, the 2021 Ghana Integrity of Public Services Survey (GIPSS) examined the actual payment of bribes.

Martin Kpebu said that the President must resign as a result of these disclosures and others that escaped his notice since he had misled Ghanaians.

“We must declare with all the force we possess that he is a member of the criminal organization and that, look, we will not accept this from him; he must just resign. Because he promised to apply the Anas principle instead of the adversarial system while he was in opposition, he is not interested in any procedure.

What is the private investigation Anas principle? Unambiguously, he said, “This is a 419, and the President should tell you and me how many Anas principles he has employed since he arrived.

The case of the Northern Development Authority

Mr. Kpebu has previously brought allegations of wrongdoing at the Northern Development Authority to the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s attention (NDA).

This came when a previous NDA CEO petitioned Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, the Chief of Staff, about a fraud concern concerning his replacement.

In the petition, Dr. Sulemana Anamzoya charged his replacement, Sumaila Abdul Rahman, of faking his signature and misrepresenting data in order to cash in a contract for 10,400,000.

The two-page petition, which included a copy for President Akufo-Addo, described the fraud conducted under Sumaila Abdul Rahman’s direction by the management.

Martin Kpebu urged Kissi Agyabeng, the Special Prosecutor, to open a thorough probe into the situation in his plea.

In light of the facts, please look into the instances mentioned above in compliance with your legal obligation under the Office of Special Prosecutor Act of 2017 (Act 959) to save mother Ghana the millions of Ghana Cedis we risk losing, the petitioner said.

The OSP has not yet started looking into the matter.

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