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I’m very aware of how tough these times are for Ghana – Akufo Addo

I'm very aware of how tough these times are for Ghana - Akufo Addo

I’m very aware of how tough these times are for Ghana – Akufo Addo


According to President Nana Akufo-Addo, he is well aware that the majority of people in the globe, including Ghanaians, are going through a very difficult moment right now.

He claims that the Covid pandemic’s effects—which were exacerbated by the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine—have resulted in skyrocketing freight costs, soaring fuel prices, sky-high food prices, sharp jumps in inflation, and numerous company failures.

He has, however, reaffirmed that the administration is making efforts to revive the economy.

The President stated that approaching the International Monetary Fund is one method for getting the economy back on track.

He called this action a crucial step.

“However, the ravages of the pandemic, worsened by the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have led to spiraling freight charges, rising fuel costs, high food prices, steep inflationary spikes and widespread business failures.

In his speech at the start of the 12th Biennial and 50th Golden Conference of the Methodist Church of Ghana, he observed, “I am fully aware that these are very difficult times for us in Ghana, just as they are for most people in the world, cold comfort as that may be,”

“Other steps will be taken, in particular, to deal with the unacceptable depreciation of the cedi. Reining in inflation, by bringing down food prices, is a major preoccupation of the Government, and this season’s emerging, successful harvest will assist us achieve this objective, together with other policies that are being put in place,” he added.

In addition, President Akufo-Addo reaffirmed that the government would continue to implement programs for our educational system’s expansion and modernization to produce a workforce fit for the twenty-first century, our healthcare system’s systematic reform to ensure a reliable, strong healthcare delivery system, and the realization of the industrial transformation agenda, which holds the key to our future prosperity.

Additionally, he said that vigorous efforts will be made to increase agricultural productivity in order to ensure the prospects for food security, implement the comprehensive infrastructure development plan for roads and railways, complete the process of digitization in order to fully capitalize on the 4th industrial revolution, and protect and green our environment in order to combat climate change.

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