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Minority wants EC to be called

Minority wants EC to be called in to explain new voter registration strategy.

Minority wants EC to be called in to explain new voter registration strategy.

The Electoral Commission’s officers should update Parliament next week, according to the Minority, so they may go into greater detail about their proposal to create a new voter’s record using the Ghana Card as identity.

The Subsidiary Legislation Committee is currently reviewing a proposed constitutional provision on voter registration.

Deputy Minority Chief Whip Ahmed Ibrahim said the briefing might help avoid controversy when speaking on the floor of the legislature.

“Now that the Subsidiary Legislation Committee is conducting what we refer to as pre-laying, [maybe] the EC can appear before us next week before we adjourn so that when it comes and briefs us as a committee of the whole, then we can juxtapose the two inputs and be able to see how we can find a way to solve these problems so that when the time comes, we wouldn’t be faced with some contentious issues,” said Mr. Ibrahim.

However, O.B. Amoah, the ranking member of the subsidiary legislation committee, said that the EC is not need to appear in Parliament at this time since the committee has already started to discuss the C.I.

“We are nearly done with the conversation. I don’t believe there is a need to bring the Ghana card guarantors here at this time since we requested the EC to revisit the situation, Mr. Amoah stated.

The Minority has already expressed concerns over the creation of a new register based only on the new Ghana card.

It considers that this would be a waste of money and will deny voting rights to many Ghanaians who have not yet registered or obtained their cards.

According to The Minority, this project will cost roughly $80 million.

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