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Nursing mother detained at Ridge Hospital

Nursing mother detained at Ridge Hospital for allegedly taking phones, cash, ID cards, and wig caps.

A nursing mother who is said to have given birth at the Ridge Labor Ward of the Greater Accra Region Hospital approximately a month ago is being held by the Nima Police on suspicion of stealing, among other things, mobile phones.

The suspect, who was a patient at the hospital, was detained by internal security after allegedly stealing laptops, wig caps, money, ID cards, and mobile phones from nurses who were on duty.

She attended the ward the next day to pick up the remaining goods she had targeted, but sadly, she was caught, according to the article. She was detained based on information gathered by the security.

She was transported to the police station in Nima right away, where she confessed and led the officers to a hiding in Tudu to recover the stuff.

The Greater Accra Regional Hospital issues a warning to anybody who may have intended to steal from the hospital, stating that anyone found would be dealt with and punished.

The on-duty nurse and security officers were praised by the hospital for their diligence in aiding in the capture of the thief.

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