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Road Safety Authority combats the corruption accusation

Review your findings and make the necessary corrections right now since our reputation is at risk - Road Safety Authority combats the corruption accusation

Road Safety Authority combats the corruption accusation

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) and the Ghana Statistical Service recently performed a study, and one of the results cited corruption, which has angered the National Road Safety Authority (GSS).

NRSA was regarded as the 9th most corrupt federal agency in the nation by the poll.

The Authority’s administration claims that the corruption accusation jeopardizes the Authority’s credibility.

They are requesting that the survey’s researchers evaluate their results and promptly take the unfavorable label off of them.

“The Authority is particularly worried about the reputational effects of the report,” it was said in a statement issued on July 25. It plans to speak with the publishers to learn more about the interviews’ nature and any supporting evidence that could help with the urgent attempts to change the bad image.

In fact, accepting bribes highlights public officials’ negotiating power since it allows them to ask for money in return for the promise of performing a public function, as the research suggests. Officials of the Authority are not often in that position of relative power due to the nature of the Authority’s work.

The phrase “The battle against corruption is a joint effort” was emphasized. The Authority has a strict anti-corruption policy and will not hesitate to take harsh action against anybody, including Authority employees, who damages its image.

Read a full copy of the release below:



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